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Estimated cost calculator

Use our cost calculator to estimate your set up and monthly charges. When you are finished, we would be glad to email you a quote.

  1. Select the outbound communications on left to determine your set up costs
  2. Estimate the number of dumpsters in your fleet and the number of text messages you'll send in a month
  3. Fill out the quote form and click Email the quote
Set up costs*
Item Price
Monthly charges
Item # Price
Dumpsters in fleet:** $0.75
Est. Text Messages:*** $0.08
Web API access $100.00
Tech support free
Training free
Extra users free
Total set up costs: $1000.00
Total monthly charges $0.00

* Set up costs are one time charges..

** Monthly dumpster charges are based on the dumpsters you own, not on the number of times you move them. We count your dumpsters in fleet each day and average those measurements of the course of the month.

*** Text messages are counted through the course of the month and billed with your dumpster charges in arrears.