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Web API - version 1.8

The Box Tracker Web API exposes functionality that enables developers to code against the project. This enables web sites to create requests which haulers can convert into work orders on the platform.

Future upgrades will enable:

  • The direct creation of work orders
  • Self service profile management
  • Self service order management
  • Customer history

Current functionality set:

  • Handshake: authenticate onto Box Tracker
  • Pricing Query: find web pricing and container avaiablity
  • Service Request: generate a request the hauler can convert to a work order
  • Direct Booking: generate a work order on the hauler's dispatch screen
  • Reports API: for business intellegence automation

End point

All request will be made to the secure endpoint as a form post. The system will respond with a JSON.

Source of the request

All requests are to be made server to server and NOT from the client to server. This protects the username, password and location of the resource from being exposed and enables blocking to protect Box Tracker in the event of a DDOS attack on the hauler. We will need your server's IP address for validation.