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The Customer Handshake


The second step in any interaction is the Box Tracker Customer Handshake. Here you will submit the following arguments and the system will respond with a JSON that includes:

Arguments Req Data Type Example
command Y N/A cmdBoxTPortalCustomerHandShake
username_api Y N/A Same as the handshake
password_api Y N/A Same as the handshake
session_key_api Y N/A Value return from the initial handshake
username_customer Y N/A To be issued
password_customer Y (if) N/A To be issued and only required (if you dont have a customer session key)
session_key_customer N N/A Provided by the first call to customer handshake

Box Tracker Response:: A JSON with the following fields:

Field Example Explanation
status 200 See the status code section
errorString ERROR: Invalid Session Key What if anything went wrong
sessionKey SEFhbsefjhDSCuu74g Identifies the session at Box Tracker. Sessions last 5 minutes unless they are kept alive with subsequent requests
customerID 13913 Identifies the haulers customer at Box Tracker.

Sample Code ( Perl ):

     use strict; 
     use LWP::UserAgent;
     use Data::Dumper; 
     use JSON;  
     use URI::Encode qw(uri_decode uri_encode); 

     my $destination; 

     my %fields = ( 
          command => "cmdBoxTPortalCustomerHandShake",
          username_api => "username_api",
          password_api => "password_api",
          session_key_api => "session_key_api",
          username_customer => "username_customer",
          password_customer => "password_customer",
          session_key_customer => "session_key_customer"

     my @args = (); 

     foreach my $key (keys %fields) { 
          my $value = uri_encode($fields{$key});  
          push @args, "$key=$value"; 

     my $queryString = join('&', @args);  
     $destination = "$queryString"; 

     my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new; 
     my $response =  $ua->request(HTTP::Request->new(GET => $destination));

     my $json = JSON->new(); 
     my $obj = $json->decode($response->content);  

     print Data::Dumper->Dump([$obj]);