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Change Log

We tracking the API changes here:

  • v1.8 Added Direct Booking
  • v1.7 Changed userName to username on all calls
  • v1.6 added assetBuffer to the pricing query.
  • v1.5 removed ContainerID from the request.
  • v1.5 added required field Mode enum ( 'TEST', 'LIVE' )
  • v1.5 added assetClass to the request
  • v1.5 added TestURL to Test mode requests.
  • v1.4 removed material. This will come from the price sheet.
  • v1.3 added additional status/error codes
  • v1.3 Changed username to userName on all calls
  • v1.3 Changed sessionKey to key on the pricing and request calls
  • v1.3 Changed ccardName to ccardFName and ccardLName on the Request Service call
  • v1.3 Added Billing Country to the Request Service call
  • v1.2 zipPostalCode has been moved from the handshake to the pricing query
  • v1.2 added additional status/error code
  • v1.2 Remove Terms and conditions because it relies on a existing customer record which it will not have. We will send this via email when we accept the request.
  • v1.2 For simplicity decided that we will do a more traditional form post for the inbound parameters and reply with a JSON. 3/5/30
  • v1.2 Added Example