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As developers may not be familiar with some of the vocabulary in this space, so we've a glossary to clarify a few items. Be aware that many haulers developer their own internal vocabulary and Box Tracker uses a user-defined dictionary to translaste this standard vocabulary into the hauler's lexicon. We hope this is a helpful resource.

Asset Class: Refers to the size/type of a dumpster. For example, a 20 yard Open top dumpster will likely have as asset class 20-Open. Type descriptions are controlled by the hauler so there will be a good deal of variation.

CVV: An achronym for Card Validation Value. This is the 3 digit security code on the back of the Master Card or Visa or the 4 digit code on the front of the AMX card.

Delivery: The first in a series of work orders where the hauler delivers a dumpster for the first time.

Out: The last in series of work orders where the hauler picks up the dumpster without replacing it.

Live: A work where the hauler delivers a dumpster to the job site, waits while the customer loads it and then takes it to the landfill. In this case, the truck only goes to the job site once.

Move: A work order type where the dumpster is moved from one part of a job site to another part of the same job site without being taken to the dump.

SOS: An achronym for "Sevice On Site," this work order type involves getting a full dumpster from a job site, tipping it at the landfill and returning the same dumpster to the job. This is less efficient than the Switch type work order.

Switch: A work order where the hauler delivers an empty dumpster to the job site and retrieves a full dumpster for tipping. This is more efficient than the SOS work order because the truck does not have to return to the job site.