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Price Sheet Components

The price sheets describe the structure of each deal and the automated charges.

Field Data Type Description
ID Integer A pointer that Identified the pricing sheet on the hauler's database
AssetClass String Represents the size type combination of the dumpster. Example: 20-open is a 20 Cubic Yard Open top dumpster
Days Integer The number of rental days included
DaysPrice Float Price in dollars for each days the dumpster is rented in excess of Days
Description String Hauler's can provide a description on each price sheet
Distance1 Intger Bottom end of the distance calculation
Distance2 Intger End end of the distance calculation
EstimatedCharges Float The triggers describe the container charges themselves
ExcessUnits Float Price in dollars for each Unit in excess of the Units Included - this value is will be prorated
Unit String Ie: Yards, Tons, pieces
UnitsIncluded Float Represents the number of units included before excess units are charged
SubTotal Float Pre-tax sub total
Taxes Float Applicable Taxes
Total Float SubTotal + Taxes

The hauler's web site will evaluate the customer address and select appropriate price sheet from the pricing query based on:

  • AssetClass
  • Distance from MapItCenterLat / MapItCenterLng
  • Availability table
  • MaxDistance
  • Other Hauler defined Criteria