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Implementing Box Tracker

1) Arrange a demonstration

First things first, call us to arrange a demonstration. You will get to fly the application yourself, so you can decide if it's going to meet your dumpster tracking needs.

Box Tracker

2) Sign up

Once you have decided to use Box Tracker, you need to sign up. Choose the options you want, then click Sign Up. You'll also need to give us some information about your company, read and acknowledge the End User License Agreement, and enter your credit card information.

3) Do your Homework

Once you've signed up, you will get the welcome email, which includes a link to the import work sheet where you will enter your dumpsters, facilities, ( landfills, transfer stations, etc. ) and customers. Complete the work sheet and return it to Cairn Applications for import into Box Tracker.*

The welcome email also has a link to the documentation. Read the documentation; it has all of the information you need to run Box Tracker.

4) Training

Once you have read the documentation and returned the import worksheet, we can set up a training session. In training, we will walk through the process of deploying your dumpster fleet by creating and executing work orders. The objective of training is twofold: 1) teach the basic skills of creating and executing work orders, and 2) get your fleet deployed.**

5) Parallel

Once your dumpsters are deployed, you will run Box Tracker in parallel with your existing system. It's tempting to abandon your old dumpster tracking system right away, but that's not a good idea. Running both systems in parallel ensures that you have a fall back position while you get to know Box Tracker.

6) Fly...Be Free!

That's it, but not on your own. Remember, techinical support is included in your subscription, so you are welcome to call or email when you need help.

* Companies with large customer lists or dumpster fleets should check with us. We may be able to help you if you have a large quantity of data.
** Again, companies with large fleets should check with us. We can probably do the deployment for you, saving significant time and effort.