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Status Codes

Potential status codes returned by Box Tracker's API and their meanings.

Status Explaination
200 Succes
300 Invalid payload
301 No price sheets available
302 Resource not yet available
303 Missing inputs
305 Invalid credentials
307 No open booking dates
308 Missing permissions
309 No Web Pricing Available
310 Missing or malfiormed report params
311 Blocked for performance impact
312 Invalid Report
320 Unable to create request
321 Unable to create customer record
322 Unable to create job site record
324 Invalid credit card. See errorString for more detail.
325 Unable to save credit card
326 Missing priceSheetID
327 Merchant Services is not configured
328 Merchant Services credentials are missing
329 Merchant Services is not configured
333 Missing or malformed Lat/Lng
334 Missing or malformed distanceByRoad
335 Job site is too far from map center
336 Request could not be saved
337 Missing Mode: TEST || LIVE
338 Booking day of week not allowed
340 Transaction declined
500 Invalid credentials
502 Invalid user
506 Key could not be generated
507 Session expired
508 Invalid session key
509 Incorrect remote IP address
510 Failed to reach the server
511 Failed to generate any data
512 Failed to update
513 Failed to send email
514 Can not change order date to today
515 Containers in exceeded
516 Containers out exceeded
517 Containers In and containers out exceeded
518 Can not book, this date is a black out date
600 Invalid session key or username
602 No required fields present
700 Failed session update
900 Failed Database connection