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Accounting Home Screen

Box Tracker's on-board accounting suite is being built as a simple and intuitive double-entry book keeping system that integrates directly with Box Tracker.

Current features:

Automated invoices

When work orders are marked complete by your drivers in the field, they flow into the billing suite to await review by your book keeper. The system compares the container activity to an associated pricing sheet to generate an invoice. Items such as hauling fees, tipping fees, rental fees and overages are added to the invoice automatically. After reviewing the charges, your bookkeeper can email the invoice right from Box Tracker. Printable invoices are also available.

Monthly Rental / Inactivity Fees

Use the inactivity fee to make sure you get paid even when your cans sit on job sites too long. Use the Monthly rental feature to manage assets that don't require tipping such as storage containers.

Error checking

The pricing sheet features a validation system that alerts your bookkeeper if there was unexpected container activity. This prevents an accidental over charge.

Batch Invoicing

Box Tracker can batch invoices together for a single job site so you can priovide a clean single invoice showing all your customer's charges for the month.

Credit card proccessing

On-board credit card processing makes getting paid a snap. Our merchant service provider will meet or beat any documented processing rates. You get a huge workflow advantage from processing right in Box Tracker and you'll propbably save money on merchant services too!

PDF Generator

Box Tracker offers a hauler-branded document generator that creates pdf versions of receipts and invoices dynamically upon request. The link in the body of the emailed transaction, brings the recipient to a hauler-branded page on Box Tracker which does the work. A few seconds after the page loads, the browser will automatically attempt to download the pdf file.