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Box Tracker in North Dakota

Box Tracker is used by clients the following North Dakota cities to manage their dumpster rental companies: Fargo.


Occupancy simply measures what percentage of the dumpster fleet is deployed and conversly the idle capacity to take the next job. As of Jul 16, 2024, average occupancy in North Dakota was %.*

Pipe Line

Pipe line is measure of future work already scheduled. Specifically it measures the number of dumpsters scheduled to be delivered in the future as a percentage of the hauler's total dumpster fleet. As of Jul 16, 2024, average pipe line in North Dakota was %.*

Container Turnover - 30 days

Container Turnover is an asset (capital, really) utilization metric. The higher your turnover the more revenue opportunities you create with your capital assets. As of Jul 16, 2024, average 30 day turnover in North Dakota was %.*

* The values displayed represent mean values within 2 standard deviations of the mean of the data set.