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American Quality began using Box Tracker in October of 2015. The search for a program specific to our needs was, indeed, difficult and arduous. There were many programs that had 70-80% of what we needed. What we needed was a system to track our inventory, show us how long it had been sitting, provide a map of where our inventory was sitting, have dispatch aspects for our drivers to have job info, invoice and track billing and a bonus would be running payments all through one system. The two biggest pieces Box Tacker provided was tracking our inventory and showing how long it had been out. The other aspects made sure we could operate out of one system instead of 2 or 3 like we had been; simplifying our processes and helping us run more efficiently.

Here are the benefits we saw:

We were able to utilize our inventory and turn it over much more than previously. We grew our sales 53% with the same inventory. Box Tracker enabled us to pull idle assets and service new customers bringing in more revenues without purchasing more inventory to do so.

We could easily track invoicing, weight tickets and jobs. Questions on invoices were easier to answer and to prove overweight dumpsters with the use of weight ticket information and pictures. On top of this, our invoicing process became much more efficient. To put into terms, it use to take our administrative position one full day, along with me helping for ½ a day, to make sure our invoicing was correct and sent out to customers. When we implemented Box Tracker invoicing, the invoice was created with all the information already on the invoice. No more copying the same information from one system to another. We maybe had to change something here or there that was special to that job, but our administrative position was able to send out the invoices immediately after the job was completed in real time. It enabled her to help out with other tasks needing done and just made our back office so much more efficient.

There are many other benefits to using Box Tracker we utilized such as the reports and the accounts. As a company that also ran storage and portable toilets, it was nice we could break out revenues, inventory and amount of turns on the different units we utilized.

The interface for the office and drivers is very easy and took just around 4 hours of training. If there is a feature you haven’t used in a while, it is also easy to direct your employees to a video that will walk them through the process.

As if the program itself wasn’t good enough, Jim and Angela have always been great to work with. If we have ever ran into an issue or if we had a suggestion to improve it, they have always been easy to reach and very open to suggestions. They keep improving it each day and definitely treat you how a customer wants to be treated. Great customer service.

As a roll-off company, there was nothing better out there. The only other solution to provide all of these benefits was to build a program similar to this. With how affordable Box Tracker is and all the benefits we saw using it, I highly recommend it.

Jeff McDole Jr.
Director of Operations
American Quality