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Month: 2015 09

Web Site vs App

We are often asked about an app to download from the various app stores. Conventional wisdom has come to accept that the only way to do mobile software is through an installed app.  In fact, many of the apps we use are simply portraying web site data on an installed application.  

Box Track is a true  born on the cloud application.  The data lives in the cloud and the functionality is delivered via a web browser.  Why, you might ask, would we choose to deliver the application via a web site instead of the app store?  

For one thing, the web is Platform Agnostic.  Let's think about the various devices that we encounter on a daily basis: desk top computers, laptop computers, tablets, smart phones.  How many people do you know who own an iPad, a Droid phone, and Windows PC or laptop?  My guess would be a lot.  Software sold through the app stores targets the specific device and the operating system it runs.  

All of those devices, however, have an internet connection and a web browser.  By delivering Box Tracker via a web site, the application behaves consistantly from device to device, operating system to operating system. In addition, you are assured of being on the latest, greatest version without having to run updates or buy upgrades.