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Month: 2016 01

How will Box Tracker impact my data plan?

We are frequently asked during the sales process about the impact of running a mobile app on a driver's data plan.

If you have been through a demonstration of the application, you have seen for yourself that it is very fast. This is achieved not only by caching, but also by limiting requests to and from the server to only the bare necessities.  By minimizing the amount of data going back and forth, we maximize the application's performance.   By happy coincidence, this also minimizes our footprint on your data plan.

The illustration below shows the ajax traffic of the application during a typical transaction, in this case picking up a container.  The whole process consumes 5.749 KB of data.  The driver would have to perform this transaction 174 times to consume 1 MB of data and 174,000 times to have a 1 GB impact on the data plan.

The answer to the original question is that Box Tracker will have almost no impact on your data plan.

Data plan imact

GPS Tracking For Dumpsters, Job Sites and Drivers

MapItBox Tracker has a brand new mapping interface called MapIt! Our new Google Maps integration lets you display drivers, work orders, containers, and local traffic on a single map.  Use the filters to drill into specific asset classes, order types, drivers,  etc.  

Read more about our our new mapping interface.