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Creating An Operating System For A Dumpster Rental Franchise

Bin There Dump That is the only dumpster franchise in North America. With 140+ franchise territories across the continent, Cairn Applications created a comprehensive operating system for their entire franchise network; Bin Tracker.

Bin Tracker Is More Than A Dumpster Inventory Management System For Bin There Dump That

We started working with a Bin There Dump That franchisee in Central New York back in 2014 to help implement Box Tracker into their operations. Quickly thereafter, the Franchise Support Team grew interest in Box Tracker; however, they needed an operating system that would integrate into the operations of all their franchisees across North America. Bin Tracker was created for the Bin There Dump That franchise network. 

Creating a System for a Franchise Network

Up until Bin Tracker, the company’s franchisees were conducting container inventory the old fashioned way; pen and paper. Bin Tracker quickly provided the franchisees with a much more efficient way of tracking their containers. Bin Tracker started as a pilot project with six franchise locations in the United States. We worked on implementing great suggestions from these franchisees that would help tailor the system to the Bin There Dump That franchise model. 

After a successful pilot project, we officially unveiled Bin Tracker at the BTDT annual conference in 2015. Bin Tracker was adopted quickly by over 60% of the network. Bin Tracker training was implemented into the franchise’s new operators training week. 

Over time, Bin Tracker evolved to become more than a system to manage dumpsters. For Bin There Dump That Franchise operators, it evolved into a small business operations suite that could manage inventory, communicate with customers, and even guide prospects down the sales funnel with built-in CRM functionality. 

How Bin Tracker Guides the Bin There Dump That Franchise Support Team

For the Support Team, Bin Tracker meant that they had data at their fingertips that they weren’t obtaining before, which ultimately would help their support model determine benchmarking and key performance indicators. Through Bin Tracker, the Support Team could determine the best national contractors to leverage throughout the system. 

Where Bin Tracker is Going in 2018 for Bin There Dump That

For the franchise operators, Bin Tracker is receiving a major overhaul, which, for the customer, will amount to improved and streamlined customer service. Invoicing and billing on the franchisee level will be reduced to a fraction of the time, saving the franchises a great amount of time they can recommit to serving the customer the ultimate dumpster rental experience across North America. 

For greater hands-on training, Angela Moser now travels to the Bin There Dump That home office in Toronto to help new franchisees navigate the Bin Tracker system. This has resulted in a greater initial understanding of the operating system, which ultimately means less overall training to the new franchisee. 

To Bin There Dump That, Bin Tracker has become the lifeblood of the franchise network from the Franchise Support Team to the individual franchise location. The initial goal of the franchise when it decided to adopt Bin Tracker into their system was to allow franchise operators to better manage their dumpster inventory, become more profitable and provide even better customer service levels. In 2018, Bin Tracker will allow Bin There Dump That to achieve all of this and then some!